Science and Entrepreneurship for Social Cohesion

EU MATCHPOIN is a great opportunity to connect scientists from all over the world / from different countries.

EU MATCHPOINT can be used to connect scientists with businesses that are interested in commercializing their research. This can help to bring new products and services to market and create jobs.

EU MATCHPOINT can be used to connect scientists with policymakers to inform policy decisions. This can help to ensure that scientific evidence is taken into account when making decisions that affect society.

EU MATCHPOINT can be used to connect scientists with the public to promote science education and awareness. This can help to create a more scientifically literate society and build support for scientific research.

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S4S 2023 | Athens. Science for Society

Ministry of Digital Governance Oct 30, 2023 Free

S4S 2023 | Athens. Science for Society XENIOS POLIS, CSI Cyprus and EUROERGASIAKI are excited to invite you to the 2day event: EU […]

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Middle East, meetings with local stakeholders

Dubai Dec 6, 2023 Free

EUROGASIAKI Group, XENIOS POLIS and GRIPEN EUROPE, are organizing three workshops (7, 8 and 9 December 2023) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, […]

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European projects Matchmeeting in Cyprus

Cyprus Nov 21, 2023

The meeting for the development of targeted synergies organized by EUROERGASIAKI, XENIOS POLIS and Center for Social Innovation – CSI took place […]

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EU projects presentation in Bucharest

Bucharest Dec 18, 2023 Free

GRIPEN EUROPE, EUROERGASIAKI and XENIOS POLIS, organize a two-day conference in Bucharest, Romania on December 18-19, 2023, on the topic of “Digital skills […]

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